Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear thieves

Dear thieves,
I know times are hard, we all are going through it. But please don't steal our gas. It is annoying and really an inconvenience to find that gas is leaking all over the street. And for that matter please use the gas and not just let it go all over the street! I know that is was diesel, probably not what you wanted but if you bothered to read the truck then you would have known!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New projects

Lately I've been trying some new things like fondant, spray painting goodwill things, and of course lots of sewing! I made a couple of cakes for Dallen's B-day parties they turned out pretty cute! I also made 12 little capes for a super hero party sew fun!! I really like the before and after of the top of the desk.(thanks Christy for getting me thinking about the goodwill) Saver's is also a good place to look!! Happy thrifting!

A very long time

It has been awhile since I last posted!! The date was August 26, 2009.

Since then so many things have happen let me see if I can get it all in, We came back from vacation on July 7 th and decided to sell our house again!(it was for sell for a year a few years ago) It sold! So we moved in November! Right down the street but it still was hard! So we went on vacation in Oct.,to the one and only Disneyland!! So fun! Oh yeah did I meant Colten turned one somewhere in there.(Oct.1st)We have had our share of the throw ups 7x's for Colten this flu season, over it! We are currently getting over the lastest bout! We had the most amazing lights display this year! Doug really worked hard! We were putting lights on our house just one week after we moved! And then there were birthdays,Ali 10 (sept), Doug 32(nov), Dallen 4 (Jan),Kathy 30 (jan)! and there were holidays Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, New year's, and Valentine's day! (We choose not to meant Ground hog Day in there because it was not the out come we wanted!) We are back and hopefully will be better about posting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleepy Boy

So, the boy that never naps has taken 2 naps this week!! Yay, now if they were the same time as Colt's we'd be doing good!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Kevin and his Mom invited us to go swimming the other day. My kids should have been born FISH!! They just love the water even Colten!! Please notice Colten's crazy hair, he is so fair and he hates hats so we use alot of sunscreen!! (it took a few shampooings to get it all out haha) It is so cute to see the cousins play together. Kyle is adorable!! Thanks so much Kevin and Vicki we had a blast!!

Lake Tahoe

We went to Lake Tahoe a few weekends ago, it was so much fun!!
I hadn't been for a few years, I forgot how fun it was!! Dallen loved the water (after a little while). We bought these floating raft things, so much fun, the girls didn't get off them the whole day!! Colten thought the water was a little to chilly(so did Mom) but everyone else went in!! It was so fun to just hang out and just have fun!!

Our Pro Hula Hoopers

At one of the cruises they have a big area where you can hula hoop. The kids loved it and were able to show off some stellar hula hooping! I love going to all the summer activities that Reno has!!